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Keeping your drains in perfect order

Blocked or damaged drains are unpleasant, and can be a health hazard. Prevent these problems occurring, with pre-planned drainage cleaning and maintenance. Potential problems will be spotted, and rectified, before the situation becomes critical.


Call Premier Drainage Co Ltd today, to arrange a drain inspection, or drainage maintenance. It can save you more expense in the future.

De-scaling your drains

Over time, your drains can build up a scaled deposit. If not treated, it can lead to slow flowing water and blockages. We de-scale your drains without the use of chemicals. It's better for the environment and more effective.

Pre-planned drainage maintenance

Flushing through your pipework

Regular flushing through of your pipework can help to keep it in perfect working order. Our high pressure water jetting service is a safe and effective way to remove blockages and deposits from your drains, and as always, our prices are very competitive. Call us.

Two men repairing a gutter

• Pipework cleaning

• Drainage inspections

• De-scaling

• Obstructions removed

• Gutter cleaning (using Gutter-Vac system)

Water going down a drain gutter on a street

Keep your drains maintained. Call us today on: 01279 316 769

Water cleaning drainpipe