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Inexpensive repairs for drains and sewers

If you have damage to the structure of your drains or sewers, it doesn't have to mean costly, disruptive excavation work. Drain lining can be an effective no-dig alternative, whether you require a localised repair (patchliner), or entire length of a drain, due to tree roots, broken or leaking drains.


Premier Drainage Co Ltd are drain repair specialists. All our work is fully guaranteed and covered by public liability insurance. Call us today for a free quote.

How drain re-lining works

A resin impregnated felt material, which is specifically tailored for the length and thickness of pipe that you have, is placed into the damaged area. It is then pressurised with either water or air. Once the resin has cured you will have a new drain. This new drain will not have any joints where roots can penetrate and is a guaranteed structural repair.

Patch repairs

Pitch fibre drains can deform over time, causing blockages and making them harder to repair or re-line. Our drainage technicians are experts in pitch fibre re-rounding, allowing them to be reformed without the need for excavation. The drain can then be re-lined and is a guaranteed structural repair.

If it has been identified that only a short section of drain requires repairing, a patch repair may be the ideal solution to your problem. A fibre-glass mat is impregnated with a silicate resin and inserted into the drain remotely over the affected area. The patch liner is then pressurised against the wall of the drain using a packer. Once the resin has cured, the packer is removed providing a guaranteed structural repair.

Pitch fibre re-rounding

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