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Effective flood prevention

With the increasingly extreme weather, there are increased instances of properties becoming flooded as a result of drains and sewers overflowing. This is especially likely with older drains.


Premier Drainage Co Ltd installs anti-flood valves to pipework, and inside manhole chambers. It can save your property.

Durable modern valves

If your drainage system is old, its non-return valves could be corroded. Don't wait for a flood to find out. We carry out drainage inspections and replace old iron valves with modern non-corroding polypropylene ones.

Anti-flood valves fitted for properties in:

Property decontamination and drying

In the event of a flood, please call us for a speedy response to decontaminate and dry your property to its pre-incident condition.

• Essex

• London

• Hertfordshire

Flood prevention system

Make flood prevention your priority. Call us today on: 01279 316 769 

Protecting the environment

You care about the future of the planet and environmental protection. So do we. We pride ourselves on using ecologically sound methods for all our drainage services, and we always strive to minimise our carbon footprint.

Flood draining from property