Letting gutters get clogged is a recipe for messiness, possibly even disaster. The clog in a gutter can cause rainwater to get blocked and then overflow when the gutter is full. This can result in seepage through the foundation and walls of one’s home. And in hefty rain, the overflowing gutter can even cause a flood in the house. This can be quite a worrisome situation to deal with. 

Prevention better than cure

However, the answer to gutter cleaning in Essex, and preventing such an occurrence, is a periodical clean-up of the leaves, twigs and other debris that land in the gutter. Here are a few simple steps to ensure clean gutters:

  • Survey all downspouts regularly, pick out all leaves and debris.
  • Prune away branches and vines that are overhanging and will drop leaves and twigs.
  • If the entire or part of the gutter system is rundown consider a full upgrade.
  • A full upgrade with zinc aluminium or steel will make maintenance easier.
  • Use a clog guard over the entire gutter system.
  • A clog guard will prevent frequent clogging and frees one from regular maintenance.

In the dense woods

If one lives in an environment with trees and birds, these natural elements will be a perennial hazard to the gutter system and home, and the best one can do to take precautions. For instance, birds of the region pick twigs and fly around building their nests, and sometimes drop them inadvertently so. Now, although these twigs are not an article that is naturally airborne, it falls on the roofing and eventually will slide into the gutter. To prevent this, one could install guard rail all along the inner sides of the gutter system.  So although these twigs leaves and other debris fall on the roofing, they will slide downward and eventually be trapped by the guard rail and thus not enter the gutter. Another element that needs to be addressed is the system disrepair. 

Repairs and maintenance

Clogged gutters can become a perennial and cumbersome problem if the system is in bad disrepair. One would need to conduct more frequent inspections of the entire system and not just the downspouts. Bends, sags and leaks in the gutter system need to be fixed. This is a time-consuming, difficult task. So, when it gets to this point or maybe even before it gets to that point, one might want to consider upgrading with some of the best gutter cleanings in Essex. Aluminium, copper, zinc or even steel prove viable options for a long-lasting gutter system.

A full-upgrade

While at the task of getting a full upgrade, consider also having the best of clog guards fitted into the entire system, which will leave one rest assured of almost no maintenance work. At best, one would need to conduct an inspection once in six months, maybe even once a year. That way life goes on in peaceful, happy coexistence with the birds and unclogged gutters.