While moving home, the foremost aspect you need to ensure is that the drainage should never be in a blocked condition. CCTV drain surveys help you to locate any unwanted blockage in your pipe work. They usually don’t require any excavation work. The drains are analysed using high tech software. Highly professional camera technicians help you in clearing the clog from your pipes. When you are thinking of extending your property, build-over drain surveys are what you require. The current structural and service conditions need to be identified first. And the work is then designed according to the proposed design. The highest industry standards are maintained. The technicians use the latest CCTV equipment. This provides a basis for an accurate survey. Whether you are a domestic customer or a commercial house, a support system will always be there.

The various inspection work and surveys that are provided include,

  • General CCTV check-ups to uncover drainage problems
  • Drain surveys for home buyers
  • Build-over surveys
  • Drain inspections before purchase

Where technology meets service

  • Service in the form of consultation is also provided. A knowledgeable team will provide detailed reports.
  • Maintenance recommendations based on CCTV surveys will be provided.
  • Suggestions for any remedial work is given based on computer-generated reports.

How the CCTV drain inspections are beneficial

  • An appropriate course of action is followed after the technical report.
  • A rapid and cost-effective way is suggested. The solution can help repair structural problems if any.
  • No-dig drainage solutions are provided.
  • The CCTV service is available 24x7x365
  • Allows high reach gutter cleaning.
  • Helps prevent flooding of drains.

Various commercial sites are also catered to such as Construction Site work, Factories, Airports and the Hospitality industry, amongst many others.

The damage to the drainage systems can also be claimed through building insurance policies. The CCTV drain surveys can thus help you locate already damaged drainage systems. Premier Drainage is an expert in these fields and is authorised by the FCA to assist in claims management.  Claims can be managed on behalf of the customer by using the CCTV surveys.

However, if it’s not covered by insurance, it will be made sure that you get the best prices for repair. The customer can also pay for the unblocking part only if he or she doesn’t want to pay for the repair work.

Further, a free service is also available if there is no need for repairing. The CCTV survey is paid for by the insurance company as part of any claim settlement, but if the study finds no problem you can claim for, then there’s nothing you need to pay.

A particular homebuyer’s pre-purchase survey is also offered for those who are buying a new home. It’s prudent to get the drainage system checked before you move in. The CCTV survey can highlight any drainage issue that might be hidden. Premier Drainage helps you get rid of these problems in a stress-free manner.